Welcome to P J Edwards UK

P J Edwards & Co Ltd was founded in 1972 in Dublin by Mr Joseph Edwards and initially concentrated on, and became identified with repairs to masonry arches and bridges using pressure grouting and guniting techniques. The successful delivery of these restricted access and awkward working conditions projects rapidly led to a reputation which allowed the company to progress into many other geotechnical activities. These included rock anchors, soil nails, concrete repairs, micro-piling, underpinning, marine works and ground stabilisation.

The company's growing reputation also allowed it to secure many high profile contracts associated with famous landmark structures such as the St Patrick's Bridge in Cork.

By the 1980s the company had expanded into the bored piling field and had become the leading piling contractor in Ireland. Due to demand from the UK market a dedicated UK business was established in 2012 - P J Edwards & Co (UK) Ltd. The company has always operated at the heavy duty end of the piling market with rigs weighing in at up to 107 tonnes and capable of drilling piles up to 1200mm diameter and 41.0m deep.