Tidal Basin Road

Sited at the gateway to the Royal Victoria Docks, the glass clad landmark 'Hoola' scheme for HUB Residential will comprise 360 apartments ranging from studio units to three bedroom apartments, residential amenities and a commercial unit at ground floor level.

The horizontal banding will create a strong sense of movement and erosion while the gentle curvature applied to the glass balconies provides a rippled effect linking the buildings with their proximity to the River Thames and the Royal Victoria Docks.

The exact location of the site is at 28-34 Tidal Basin Road in the London Borough of Newham, London E16 1AD.

The identical towers sit within a landscaped 'hill' connecting the lower Tidal Basin Road and the upper Tidal Basin Slip Road and elegantly concealing car and cycle parking and service spaces.

Piling commenced in August 2014 and a total of 495 piles were installed. They ranged in diameter from 600mm to 900mm and were drilled to depths of up to 29.250m below ground level.

Pile construction was preceded by the installation and successful load testing of a 900mm diameter preliminary trial pile to a maximum load of 8,340kN. During the course of the project a further 4 proof load tests were carried out on working piles. The design responsibility for the piles rested with ourselves.

The piles were designed to penetrate the London Clay and terminate in the dense sands, clays and gravels of the Lambeth Group. The installation of the piles required the deployment of our most powerful 80 tonne CFA piling rigs.

The scope of the piling package also included the installation of a substantial sheet piled retaining wall to support excavations for deep pilecaps along the site perimeter adjacent to the slip road off the elevated section of Silvertown Way.