Odex & DTHH Piling

For drilling in hard strata, penetrating boulders or installing interlocking male secant piles our rigs can be equipped with pneumatic Down The Hole Hammers (DTHH).

The Odex system uses this technique to advance the bore and simultaneously pull down a follow-on casing which supports the side of the bore.

The casing can remain in the ground where permanent casings have been specified or removed and the bore backfilled for subsequent pile installation by Continuous Flight Auger methods.

The DTHH equipment can be mounted on our dedicated CFA piling rigs and quickly removed where combined techniques using the same rig give the flexibility to meet tight construction programmes in varying ground conditions.

When drilling the hardest of materials water can be introduced into the drilling process via the pneumatic pipe lines to control any dust emissions.

The protection of adjacent highways etc. can be assured by the use of a safety barrier, suspended from the secondary hoist line of the piling rig.